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Francis Lucille

Freedom Teacher

About this speaker

Francis Lucille is a spiritual teacher in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta. A longtime friend and disciple of Jean Klein whom he met in 1975, he was a friend of Robert Linssen, Wolter Keers, Yvan Amar, William Samuel and Robert Adams. He was also influenced by J. Krishnamurti, Krishna Menon and Wei Wu Wei, whom he knew personally. Many contemporary Advaita teachers have attended his teaching events. Francis transmits the ancient teaching of nonduality, the common ground of Advaita Vedanta, Ch’an Buddhism, Zen, Taoism and Sufism. Francis’ teachings are not “Neo-Advaitic” but traditional, which means that the experience of our true nature has been transmitted from generation to generation by a lineage of sages. They reflect those of his guru: appreciation for humour, art, music, and poetry, intellectual rigour with a “personal” twist due to his training in Mathematics and Physics, and emphasis on the body and its feelings.

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Self Discovery

November 10, 2023, 08:30 PM
Francis Lucille