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Jennifer Hadley

BONUS - Living from a Higher Vision: Activate Your Inspired Life

A session with Jennifer Hadley (Minister, Teacher, Counselor, Speaker, Writer)

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About this Session

In this workshop we’ll join together to unleash a higher vision and activate the inspiration to live that vision. Plan to join in and get turned on as we connect to the power of Love within us.

We’re designed to be able to live an inspired life of vision, creativity and Love with passion and clarity. Everything is within us, and yet there’s a persistent sense that “we don’t have what it takes.” When we’re identified with a smaller selfish self, a personality, a body, then we don’t have what it takes because we’re feeling cut off from Source. Together, in this workshop we’ll move past the resistance and reluctance of the personality to the unprecedented nature of Pure Presence to rocket launch us into a new year of unlimited Love and inspiration! Let’s bring on a breakthrough!

December 02, 2023, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

About The Speakers

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley

Minister, Teacher, Counselor, Speaker, Writer

Jennifer Hadley